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How to see hidden instagram dm effects

Have you ever recognized that you can simply use nice new computer graphics for your Instagram DMs?

With a recent update from Instagram team, Facebook has merged its Messenger with Instagram DM and after then the latter has received some cool new features like custom emoji responses, vanish mode, fixing custom chat colors etc. Let us tell you more about these new features that came with the merger.

Now you’ll add computer graphics effects to instagram DM, whenever you reply to someone or you send a replacement message to someone.

Follow these steps to do so:

  • First of all, you need to update the app to newest version of Instagram on your phone.
  • Then, Open chat that you want to check on Instagram and write a message.
  • Then, Hit on rythm To the left which is next to the text entry field.
  • Now you’ll see four new effects to settle on from.
  • Tap and choose One is such as you and she or he is.
  • Doing so will send a message with computer graphics .

In addition, you’ll also save messages to be used as quick replies. to try to to this, follow these steps.

To save a sent message, long press tap to save more.
You will then need to assign a shortcut and hit Save.
To save a received message, long press to more > Tap Save. Assign a shortcut command to try to to this, and that is all.

Now whenever you would like to send a fast reply, just use the shortcut rather than typing the entire phrase. This is how you’ll make the most of Instagram DM by adding cool computer graphics and saving quick answers. We hope this will help and will add more creativity to your engagement.

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