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Ming-Chi Kuo hints to launch Apple Products – AirTags, MacBooks and New AR devices in 2021

Ming-Chi Kuo hints to launch Apple Products in 2021 that include Apple AirTags, MacBooks and New AR devices. This has been in the news since oct 2020 and it seems we may have some official announcement very soon. Details of AirTags have been seen on the youtube owned by John Prosser thus it aims to detail out other items along with AirTags like AirPods And other items including MacBooks. The front look of the device does not have a logo because the Apple logo is seen at the back of the device and that clearly hints at a metallic back, reveals a white spherical device that seems similar to the leaks that we have seen in Oct 2020.

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Ming-Chi Kuo hints to launch Apple Products – AirTags, MacBooks and New AR devices in 2021

As we know, Apple came up with AR and we believe we will see more augmented reality (AR) devices in 2021 so we may expect a headset and a pair of spectacles too. Apple will have its own chip enabled Macbook and Macbook pro models launched with new AirPods.. Apple is said to be working on the Mini MacBook models with led display technology and we may be expected to be released in 2021 too. This gets a more detailed confirmation from past news shared by Ku last year indicating LED displays for 2 new MacBook Pro models and new iPad models to be launched in 2021. Apple AirTags has been rumored to have an ultra wide band for connectivity and Bluetooth. 

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So let’s sum this up here and let’s wait for more details around new apple products that Apple will launch in 2021. These rumors seem exciting and we will be waiting for these products to launch in 2021. 

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