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Netflix hikes price 2021: Rich Pay more now but how can you can avoid ?


Netflix hikes price 2021

According to a report, consumers watching Netflix in 4k Ultra HD will have to pay approx. 17% more than current price. Netflix is planning to increase the price as they are aiming to expand their business and invest more on the technology and operations side. For now, this is only applicable to premium customers of Netflix who love to watch shows, movies on 4k ultra HD quality. They will now have to pay £13.99 instead of £11.99 that is exactly £2 jump in overall monthly budget, making it £24 for yearly bill. 

Netflix Premium vs Standard Plan

As of now, Netflix hikes price 2021 is not going to affect standard plan consumers however premium customers will have to pay a high price. This will be implemented in Feb 2021 while standard plan and basic plan remain intact at £9.99 and £5.99 a month. Standard plan offers full HD experience up to 2 screens at a time and basic plan offers 720p experience on 1 screen. 

Why is Netflix increasing the price ?

Netflix is aiming to invest $19 billion, in 2021, on business expansion and technology advancement to provide better experience for consumers. This price increase is hitting only premium plan consumers and the same has already been increased for US customers at $17.99 a month for premium and $13.99 for standard plan customers. 

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How can you avoid price increase ?

If you want to avoid paying more in Feb 2021, you will have to cut down on your desire to watch shows, movies at 4k ultra HD screen and will have to downgrade your plan to Full HD only for the same price i.e. £11.99 a month. 

You can change your plan by going into your account settings on netflix.com or contact Netflix customer care to get more help on the issue. 

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Say goodbye to 4K ultra HD

If you are changing your plan from premium to standard then you won’t be able to watch content on 4k ultra HD and you will be limited to max 2 screens. This choice is in your hand if you want to continue paying more with premium plan and continue watching content on 4k ultra HD with all features like downloading content in 4K etc. or you want to keep your expenditure within your budget and downgrade to stand plan. 

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