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Sandes app will replace Whatsapp due to privacy policy, True ?

Modi Govt is trying hard to launch its own desi app for Indian users named Sandes app in competition of whatsapp post various rumors of whatsapp stealing users data and peeking into users privacy as there have been talks that the info are going to be shared with facebook.

Is Sandes app available for everybody ?

You can not download this app from play store or apple store because this app isn’t yet available there. there’s an APK link on the govt. website where Sandes app are often downloaded however it’s still not ready for everybody to use. The link remains not publicly circulated, and isn’t yet ready for public however it’ll launch soon and it’ll be available on google play store and apple app store.

Post privacy and security concerns over whatsapp, and notifications sent by whatsapp regarding new privacy policy, Indian users are apprehensive about sharing their data with the app. If Sandes app is launched under the guidance of Indian Government, called a native messaging app for Indian users which can give competition to Whatsapp.

What is Sandes App ?

Sandes may be a messaging app developed by Indian Govt for Indian users. The app is developed by NIC (National Informatics Center) under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Electronics and knowledge Technology (MEIT). If users start uninstalling whatsapp and install Sandes app, then users won’t fall into the new privacy policy set by whatsapp.

How to download Sandes App

Officially, this app isn’t yet launched for everybody and that’s why this app isn’t available on app stores online. We request you to not fall in trap of other apps as there are many similar apps available and none of them is from Indian Govt at the instant . If you would like to download the app, then you’ll attend the link shared below to put in the APK which is from the govt. website and begin using the app directly from this link.
Check this link



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Download Sandes app using APK link

Above link shared is that the only trusted source at the instant and this app can only be downloaded using this link. We believe this link means this app is prepared and it’ll be launched soon for everybody including its available on app stores too.

Here is how you’ll create an account and setup Sandes app

You will need your mobile number or email id once you’ve got downloaded the app using the APK link.

• You will receive OTP soon after entering your mobile number to verify.
• Post receiving OTP, you’ll then got to verify your details.
• You will need to fill your name and other information like gender etc.
• Upload your profile photo when it asks.
• You will got to say YES to permission this app asks for.
• Once setup is complete, this app is prepared to use.

Please note that officially, this Sandes app is out there to government employees only. And APP administrator has full right to permit you to use the app at the instant or not.

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