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To speed up delivery, Amazon buys 11 Boeing jets

Amazon buys 11 Boeing jets

Amazon recently bought 11 jet aircrafts from WestJet Airlines and Delta to speed up deliveries that will help deliver orders faster than before and happier customers. 

This is the first time that Amazon has done this as Amazon saw huge potential to deliver products faster than ever across the US and they tied up with Adventuress Aircraft to make this possible and build their Armada.

Amazon Global Air vice president Sarah Rohds in a post said “a combination of both leased and owned aircraft will help manage operations smoother in our growing fleet and this will help us in meeting our customers expectations too”.

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Main aim is to speed up deliveries within the US and Amazon is driving itself to self-deliver to avoid dependency on UPS, US Postal & other carriers services. They are also building packaging hubs at the airports for faster loading and speeding up the operations and building warehouses for vendors/shoppers too. 

All of the aircraft will be used for cargo purposes and not for passengers. Out of 11, 7 jets will be ready by next year and 4 jets will be ready by this year which has been purchased from WestJet. By 2022, the aim is to expand the fleet by 85 aircrafts. 

Regarding overall cost of purchase, we do not have any concrete information and there are no words from Amazon as to how much they are paying for the purchase. This expansion comes at a time when customers want fast shipping at a cheaper cost. 

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