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Xiaomi aims to launch new foldable phones in 2021

Xiaomi can launch three foldable smartphones in 2021. Ross Young via twitter, shared the alleged development who is CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). Young also mentioned in seperate tweet that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 will be a small display product. Earlier, Xiaomi has already connected to a foldable smartphone to figure . aside from Xiaomi, other players like Oppo and Samsung also are expected to figure on foldable smartphones.

According to Tweet By Young, subsequent foldable smartphone “to come to market” will likely be from Xiaomi. Young also mentioned that Xiaomi is predicted to possess 3 foldable smartphones in 2021, which may be launched in three designs – out-folding, in-folding and clamshell. However, he didn’t mention which of those models would be launched first. A. earlier this year Report good Xiaomi has claimed to possess placed an order with Samsung Display and LG Display for a foldable OLED panel for a clamshell-type phone.

In several Tweets , Young mentioned that Samsung could also launch the hyped Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a smaller display (good to hold in hands) than its predecessor Galaxy z fold 2. Young also claimed that the foldable smartphone’s main display would fiddle 7.59-inch to 7.55-inch. the duvet display are going to be 6.21 inches longer than the 6.23 inch screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, because Samsung “S wants more room for pen.”

Young also stated that the rumored Galaxy Z Flip 3 / Flip Lite will feature a 6.7-inch long display. It will have refresh rate of 120hz along with low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPO) which will be available only on South Korean tech giants phones. Really, recently Report good it had been claimed that Samsung will launch Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold Lite Foldable Smartphones in 2021.

A report also hinted that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will have a 6.7-inch long internal screen and a 3-inch external screen. Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a 7-inch internal screen and a 4″ screen. The range external screen, and therefore the Galaxy Z fold light will also have a 7″ of internal screen and a 4″ of external screen. The report also claimed that each one three foldable Samsung models will use ultra-thin glass as a canopy window and use the in-folding method for design.

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